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[EP-tech] Re: 'batch edit button' gone in 3.3.11

On Tue, 2013-02-26 at 10:11 +0100, Thomas Lauke wrote:
> Hi all,
> after an upgrade from 3.3.9 to 3.3.11 the admin's batch edit button on the search screen is gone ...!?
> Currently I have no idea, where to check for the misconfiguration :(
> Is http://wiki.eprints.org/w/User_roles.pl still current?

This is a regression, see this ticket:

You can get a patch here:

> 2. The final message of 'epadmin create' seems to be wrong!?
> Note that changing the metadata configuration may require the database tables to be regenerated.
> epadmin (?!)erase_eprints(?!) will regenerate the eprints and documents tables only.
> (?!)epadmin(?!) erase_data will regenerate everything.

Yes, possibly out of date - although it depends on what you're doing.

If you're adding fields then,
./bin/epadmin update [repoid]

Will do the trick.

> 3. What's the reason for the following apache's error message?
> Undefined phrase: archive_name (en) at line 226 in /opt/eprints3/Eprints/perl_lib/EPrints/XML/EPC.pm
> The usage (of the contents of
>  /opt/eprints3/Eprints/archives/<archiveID>/cfg/lang/en/phrases/archive_name.xml)
>  on all web pages seems to be okay ...

Can you narrow down to what request that error is responding?

> 4. Why does the item's link (http://<WWWserver>/<itemID>/) on the
>  search result page fail? The link to the document(s) work(s) ...

That sounds odd. Any errors in the Apache log?

What happens if you do a ./bin/generate_abstracts [repoid] [itemID] ?

> 5. How to reverse the search for text in 'Additional Information' e.g.:
>  <string> does NOT match <pattern>? Figures are ignored ...

The core EPrints search doesn't support negated search queries (direct
database queries for all records != would be impossible to do quickly).
I think using Xapian would allow you to do this via simple search:
(i.e. search in 'info' field for not-eagle)

All the best,
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