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[EP-tech] Re: workflow alterations....

On Fri, 1 Mar 2013 17:07:37 +1000, Matthew Brady <Matthew.Brady at usq.edu.au>
> Hi All,
> Currently an ePrint proceeds from inbox->buffer->live archive
> What's involved in implementing a review stage between inbox and
> It is envisioned that the extra stage would allow faculty admin staff to
> check/verify/signoff on certain details, before submitting for editorial
> review.
> The faculty admin staff would be restricted to only relevant faculty
> papers... and while the ePrint is in this stage, it wouldn't be
> by the submitting user (unless returned) and wouldn't be in the regular
> editor workflow, until signed off...
> Thanks for any feedback/advice you can offer...

I've never done this, but would this wiki page help?

All the best,