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[EP-tech] Adding files to an eprint using cURL

I have had to resort to praying to the EPrints angel, for the answer to
this one.  We are trying to write a simple PHP cURL wrapper for the eprints
functionality/API in CRUD.pm.

We have got so far, but are not able to add documents.  We have tried
several approaches including adding a complete EP xml object, with files
embedded and have tried to add only the <documents> sub object to a
pre-existing eprint, using cURL.

Nothing seems to work, and I don't know what is wrong.  Our latest attempt
is to add the files as a POST attachment.

curl -X POST -i -u dkane:maggots22 -d 'Hello, World!' -H
'Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=/var/www/test.xml' -H
'Content-Type: text/plain' http://witeprints/id/eprint/26/contents

A lot of this is documented in

We are out of luck at the moment.  Could it be a bug?  If somebody else
could try this CURL command, we'd be much obliged.  We are working on
EPrints 3.3.11

Many thanks,

David Kane.

David Kane, MLIS.
Systems Librarian
Waterford Institute of Technology
T: ++353.51302838
M: ++353.876693212
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