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[EP-tech] Re: workflow alterations....

Hi Matt,
I'm just in the process of looking at something similar, though I'm still at the early stages.

Thus far, using the Move_To_Dark_Archive example as a starting point for defining a new review stage,  I have also added redefinitions for the following Screen functions to block and hide the various deposit stages & buttons for my specific item type and then create a new stage view to incorporate the Move_To_Dark_Archive Button instead of the standard deposit


Note - not actually creating a Dark Archive - just using that example from the wiki as a starting point for my plugin.

Hope that's of some help?


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Hi All,

Currently an ePrint proceeds from inbox->buffer->live archive

What's involved in implementing a review stage between inbox and buffer...

It is envisioned that the extra stage would allow faculty admin staff to check/verify/signoff on certain details, before submitting for editorial review.
The faculty admin staff would be restricted to only relevant faculty papers... and while the ePrint is in this stage, it wouldn't be accessible by the submitting user (unless returned) and wouldn't be in the regular editor workflow, until signed off...

Thanks for any feedback/advice you can offer...


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