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[EP-tech] Re: Large CrossRef DOI prefixes are not rendered as a linkable DOI

Actually I think the equivalent {n,m} syntax would be /^(doi:)?10\.\d{4,}\// which matches 4 or more digits (and I just learnt, not simply 0-9 as it can match numbers from other writing systems http://perldoc.perl.org/perlre.html).  

Unfortunately this still won't match all potential DOIs however as the DOI specs, allow prefixes to be almost any string starting with '10.'.

"DOI names may incorporate any printable characters from the Universal Character Set (UCS-2), of ISO/IEC 10646, which is the character set defined by Unicode v2.0."

A more correct test would be /^(doi:)?10(\.[^.]+)+\// but for the purposes of rendering the link it might be simpler and sufficient to do /^(doi:)?10\.[^/]+\// ...


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On 18/07/13 08:26, Ian Stuart wrote:
> On 17/07/13 21:31, Adams, Thomas wrote:
>>           if( $value !~ /^(doi:)?10\.\d\d\d\d+\// )
> Make this /^(doi:)?10\.\d{3,4}\//
D'Oh!!! \d{4,5}


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