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[EP-tech] Weird "session" problem within EPrints 3.3.11


I'm having a strange behavior with EPrints 3.3.11. This is the problem: 
When I login into EPrints and click on "Deposit Item" I get a menu to 
choose the Item Type (everything is fine until this point).

If I continue through the workflow I can deposit the item without 
problem, but if on that screen (choosing the item type) I click on for 
instance,  "Home" button, then besides taking me to the main webpage 
(HOME), it "destroys" my session as I appear as I haven't logged in yet.

Any ideas of why I'm getting this behavior?


Joel Rosental R.
System Administrator

Tel: +34 91 481 69 87
Web: http://www.networks.imdea.org