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[EP-tech] Document security requirements

In our repository, we have a security option for documents which allows us to 'hide' them.
Currently, this means not exposing them in any public interface - abstract pages, OAI-PMH, Export options, <head> content in webpages, search results.

I'm aware that at least one other institution has this type of function in place (see Matt Brady's message from earlier this week), and I'm wondering if other repositories have similar needs?

I've been trying to work out what the characteristics of this type of document might be:

1.       Index? (yes/no)

2.       Thumbnail? (Yes/no/only certain sizes)

3.       Allow access to thumbnails?

4.       Visible to authenticated users?

5.       Visible to editors / admins?

6.       Accessible to users with certain characteristics (e.g. add a 'groups' element to the user data object, and allow anyone in a certain group to access material).

Some of our content is high-res tifs - that we don't want publically accessible, but the thumbnails (low/medium res versions) will be available to all.

What are your thoughts on the above?
Do you have any needs in this area?
Are there other characteristics that you might want to add?

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