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[EP-tech] Handles in EPrints

In case someone is working with the Handle System (migrating from DSpace to EPrints, for instance), version 7 brings template handles which make it much easier to provide an EPrints repository with persistent URLs.

While previous versions required a new record to be created in the local Handle server database for every persistent URL like http://hdl.handle.net/<prefix>/<item_id> to be resolved, we are now able to simply define a template that will map any


Assuming the following scenario:
- 7.x Handle server set up and running
- A prefix (institutional id registered in the Handle System) homed on that server. We'll use 123456 for this example
- Your EPrints repository is located at http://your.repo.url

Here is how:
1. For handle 123456: create a Simple URL with the value http://your.repo.url
2. For handle 0.NA/123456: add an HS_NAMESPACE entry with the following UTF8 Text value:

      <template delimiter="/">
          <if value="type" test="equals" expression="URL">
              <value data= "${data}/${extension}" />
              <value />

And we're done! Any URL with the format http://hdl.handle.net/123456/* will be resolved as http://your.repo.url/*. Even non-valid handles, but you get a lightweight local handle server that does the job.

Especially dedicated to Ian and John, after our handles conversation at OR2012   :)


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