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[EP-tech] Re: Translation Spanish HELP ME!!

Hola Laura,

See below:

On 23/08/13 17:25, Laura Sandoval wrote:
> Hi!
> I am writing to ask for your help.
> Install eprints version 3.3.11, but I need to translate it to Spanish.
> I used the file:
> eprints_es_3.3.8.tar.gz
> but do not bring all the files, I could not get it right.
> When descomprimime shows these files en my /home:
> root at kariosama:/usr/share/eprints3# ls /home/lsandova/es
> archive_name.xml       document_security.xml   eprint_order.xml
> intro.xml              mail_delete_reason.xml  mail_sig.xml
> user_fields.xml        views.xml               deposit_agreement.xml
> dynamic.xml            eprint_types.xml        local.xml
> mail_email.xml         render.xml              user_order.xml
> warnings.xml           document_formats.xml    eprint_fields.xml
> intro_mini.xml         mail_bounce_reason.xml  mail_password.xml
> system.xml             validate.xml            workflow.xml

$ mkdir -p /usr/share/eprints3/archives/repositorio/cfg/lang/es/phrases

$ cp /home/lsandova/es/*.xml 

And that should be it.

You may need to edit/add your own "static files" (e.g. index.html) in 

Make sure your browser is requesting Spanish before English (usually in 
the Languages settings of your browser).