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[EP-tech] Re: Auto complete not working on file based autocomplete with a compound field

Yep, it pops up at the top of the page. A bit of trying different
scroll positions shows that it probably shows up with the relative
distance between the control and the top of the window added to the
start of the page instead of the top of the window.


On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 3:15 PM, Sebastien Francois <sf2 at ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:
> Hi Dennis,
> I did notice a few auto-completion glitches after upgrading the
> Prototype JS library (used by EPrints) in 3.3.12...
> When you trigger the auto-completion on your form, could you scroll
> up/down on the entire page (without clicking on it...) to see if the
> auto-completion pops up somewhere else on the page? I know this sounds a
> bit odd but I have a feeling the calculation of the position broke somehow.
> Thanks,
> Seb