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[EP-tech] Views of multiple compound fields


our series field is of the compound type, consisting of the components 
for series name and a number for proper ordering. It is a multiple 
field. Our view of the series uses a custom row template that shall 
display the name and the number by which the item in question is 
arranged in order of the other items of that series.

But having an item that is associated with more than one series, the 
view would list unfortunately all its numbers in a bulk, thus the user 
can't tell in the first place which number relates to the currently 
viewed series.

Is there a preferably clean and elegant way to overcome that issue? :-)


Additional question, not as urgent: Doesn't seem I can define a 
render_single_value hook for compound fields on the compound versus the 
atomic value level, can I? A table just doesn't fit quite well in the 
page (esp. the <th> line is somewhat, well, annoying given the tininess 
of the table), I'd rather favor an ul/ol context or at least <br> 
separated lines cf. the "Subject (classification)" field. Fortunately 
however, I can style it a bit with CSS, simply added to the tr elements 
an id containing the fieldname.

Kind regards,

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