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[EP-tech] Re: How to erase the Archive created


You can remove the directory it has created for your archive.

It should be under /opt/eprints3/archives/ (or perhaps in another 
install path such as /usr/lib/eprints3/archives/...)


PS: "ctrl c" to interrupt a script - ctrl z will just "pause" it.

On 14/09/12 13:57, Geetha Thanu wrote:
> Hi
> I did a mistake while running bin/epadmin create.
> Proceeded from step *Archive ID*? to *Admin Emai*l correctly.
> When it asked *Archive name ?* given a wrong archive name, but 
> realized it, after saying yes to write core settings!!
> When it asked for creation of database, instead of saying yes, pressed 
> ctrl Z and came out of epadmin.
> Now confused what to do?
> I wanted to again start the epadmin/create and wanted to do a fresh 
> start after removing the archive ID and archive already created.
> It is not allowing and says that archive id already present. Wanted 
> the same archive id only.
> Please help to solve this.
> regds
> Geetha
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