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[EP-tech] Re: Moving EPrints to a New server

Hi Ralon, I have gone through this process more than once. So, let me
share my experience. When I did the switch over from one system to
another, the OS on both the systems were the same. In your case, the OS
are different, but that should not be  an issue.

Here are the steps that i have been following. This is straight from my
memory and i'm hoping that nothing is being missed.

1. On the existing server, stop the mysqld and the httpd services. 2. Take
a tar backup of eprints server's mysql database.
3. Take a tar backup of eprints archive's documents folder/s
4. Set up the latest version of eprints software on the new system 5. Run
the epadmin create command and ensure the following:

a. When prompted for the database name, database user, and database
password, provide the same details as being used on the existing eprints
b. when prompted for the creation of database, say 'no'.
c. when prompted for importing of LC subject categories, say 'no'

For all the other prompts, provider the relevant details. If everything
goes well, epadmin will exit normally.

6. If you have added local eprints related mysql fields in the existing
server, then copy the details of such fields on to the eprints_fields.pl
located in the cfg.d directory in the new system.

Copy the mysql tar archive and the documents archive files on to the new
server and extract the files from the archives. Make sure that the mysql
dir. and files are owned by non root user. By default, it should be owned
by mysql.mysql. The documents dir should be owned by eprints.eprints.

Login as the mysql eprints user and do a test run to ensure that the
eprints mysql database is fine. If the mysql server reports that some
tables are corrupted, they can be set right by running the following

myisamchk -r -o *.MYI (this command will correct all the isam files)

7. Update and upgrade the eprints mysql database by executing the
following commands:

bin/epadmin update archiveid

bin/epadmin upgrade archiveid

incorporate all the other  local changes on the new server.

8. bin/generate_static archiveid
9. bin/generate_apacheconf
10. restart the httpd server

hopefully, your eprints server should show up on the new server.

Note that I have used the same FQDN on both the old and the new systems.

Hope this helps.

 - Francis

> Dear Friends:
> I am re-sending this message as I cannot believe I have had no answers
> it
> yet.
> We have a new server to which we plan to move our old repository.  This one
> was in Fedora, but the new server is in Debian.
> We have these questions for which we have not found answers in the
> 1.  	 We have stored some 645 documents already (using Fedora).  Can
> be exported somehow and then
> imported to the EPrints in the new server using Debian?   We have v.
> in the new server
> 2.	Our main interest is saving those 645 documents as they are, in order
> not to loose all the time and effort it took to create them in the
> Thank you for your help.
> Francisco Ralon
> Universidad del Valle de Guatemala Altiplano Solola. Guatemala.
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