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[EP-tech] Re: Import files from filesystem

On 03/09/12 15:35, John Salter wrote:
> Has anyone written anything that will do something along these lines:
> 1. User specifies a folder that is visible to both the EPrints server and their PC
> 2. EPrints lists contents of folder (don't really want to start at the top level and list all, there'll be *a lot* of files in there - so need to specify folder first)
> 3. User select which items to attach to an eprint (all separate documents)
> I'm torn between doing this as an import plugin, and a upload method.
> Sometimes we'll have the files before the metadata (an import method would be best), sometimes the metadata before the files (upload would be best), so I may have to do both.
> I started down the UploadMethod route, but got a bit stuck when the render method couldn't see the POST params (only the GET ones, as far as I could make out). Any hints as to why this is (is it expected behaviour)?

Have a look at David T's DepositMo stuff.

He did a SWORD-based transfer, but the concept should be similar...


Ian Stuart.
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