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[EP-tech] Re: Bug in ePrints 3.3.10?



Try to downgrade libxml2 to the earlier version.  Maybe it will solve the problem. 


Command: yum downgrade libxml2 libxml2-python





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Subject: [EP-tech] Re: Bug in ePrints 3.3.10?


Ah, many thanks for that, John.


I couldn't find anything relating to it and was worried it was either something I'd done or something that had been missed in the latest update. I'm glad it's a known issue and, hopefully, it will be resolved soon.


At least it can be worked around.





John Salter <J.Salter@leeds.ac.uk> wrote:
This is due to an update to LibXML - which now doesn't seem to pull in the system entities properly.
I ran into the same issue recently when someone applied some security patches to my RHEL6 server without telling me - and everything went very awry.

This call has been raised: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=863166

This thread: http://www.eprints.org/tech.php/17090.html also describes this issue.


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Sorry, the email formatting has stripped the solution entity. For the space character the change made was entity &#160 in place of &nbsp.

Apologies for any confusion caused!

James Caldow

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Subject: [EP-tech]  Bug in ePrints 3.3.10?


After a number of unsuccessful attempts to install 3.3.10, I wanted to ask if the following was a known bug:

The file lib/lang/en/phrases/system.xml contains three occurrences of "&nbsp;", (two on line 396 and one on line 3006).

On a clean installation of CentOS 6.3 and 3.3.10, attempting to run bin/epadmin create resulted in multiple errors regarding parsing of the above file and created an archive with multiple broken links and "phrase not defined" errors.

Changing the three occurrences of "&nbsp;" to " " resulted in a clean build and no errors.

I don't currently have another test environment on which to confirm these errors, so would appreciate any input on whether this bug only exists as a result of the OS environment, or if it is a genuine bug in the 3.3.10 release. I do know that XML doesn't support "&nbsp;", so would assume this will be a problem for all.


James Caldow


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