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[EP-tech] https-only site patch


I've put together a patch against eprints 3.3.10 for your consideration.
It allows us to remove the $c->{host} configuration option, to run the repository entirely under the "securehost" https domain.

The patch does the following, when "host" conf is not set:
* EPrints::URL forces "scheme" to "https" to ensure all generated URLs are https.
* bin/generate_apacheconf does not generate a "cfg/apache/[repo].conf" file.
* don't set a non-secure login cookie
* all other code which relied on "host", now falls back to "securehost"

Carl Franks
Technology and Innovation in Learning Team
Medical Education Institute
University of Dundee
School of Medicine
ext 83041

The University of Dundee is a registered Scottish Charity, No: SC015096
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