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[EP-tech] Public saved searches are not public!

Hi everyone,


We are upgrading our eprints repository Organic Eprints (www.orgprints.org) from version 3.2.5 to 3.3.10. To our surprise it has turned out that links to public saved searches now require the user to login, i.e. they are no longer public.


According to http://wiki.eprints.org/w/New_Features_in_EPrints_3.3.9  publicly accessed saved searches are available from version 3.3.9:

New virtual dataset public_saved_search, which allows saved_search's with public=TRUE to be publicly accessed.


However, it doesn’t work, not even on the demo repository of Eprints:


(If you click this link to a saved search you will be asked to login. Note, that demoeprints is reset every Sunday at 4am so the saved search will be deleted)


I hope anyone can help!


Best regards,

Allan Leck Jensen

Organic Eprints




We use public saved searches a lot because it is a neat and easy way to distribute relevant and automatically updated searches in a comprehensive way:


instead of