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[EP-tech] enabling web import for BibTex

Hi all,


We are trying to increase adoption of self-archiving in our university. One of the main obstacle that teachers encounter when making deposit of a eprint is that the process itself takes some times, especially when you have to deposit  more than one eprints. Some research department want to deposit hundreds of eprints : the process is way to long for this volume of documents. For that, we are trying to enable import from the web interface. In 3 weeks there is the Open Acess Week : if we could propose to our users a web import function, that would attract not only users but departments and  research chair to make deposit in our repository.


In   http://wiki.eprints.org/w/New_Features_in_EPrints_3.1#Import it is said that the import screen "has an import full text option, if web imports are enabled in the config". I'm new to the project so I'm not sure where I can enable web imports in the config. Does this mean that once enable, users from the web interface could import not only metadata but also at the same time download documents from a URL ? Would this work for BibTex format or only for EP3 XML ? At this moment we can import metadata and documents via command line only (bin/import Archipel --enable-web-imports --user 1690 buffer XML /tmp/ep3xml1.xml -verbose). The web interface permit us to upload only metadata, not the documents (file) itself.


Thanks for any advice, 


We're on a 3.1 version of eprints. 




Pierre Nault

Biblioth?caire syst?mes

Technologies de l'information

Universit? du Qu?bec ? Montr?al

T?l : 514-987-300 #4554


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