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[EP-tech] increased backup time

Hi All,

recently we have been noticing a big increase in the backup time taken for eprints db backup (mysql hotcopy and dump).

The size of the db is around 2.6 GB.The total time used to be around 3 hrs and in the past few weeks (perhaps a month) it has been taking almost 5 hrs.

As a part of routine clean up I ran mysiamchk and there were no corrupt tables or so. I still ran myisamchk with -q -r on individual tables to optimize the index anyway.But that did not change anything on the backup time.

When I look at the httpd error log I , one error that seem to be repeating is:

File does not exist: /var/lib/eprints3/archives/nuimeprn/html/en/apple-touch-icon-57x57.png
File does not exist: /var/lib/eprints3/archives/nuimeprn/html/en/apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png

But I doubt if that has anything to with the backup.

Any suggestions ?

The eprints server is a virtual server running eprints 3.0.5 on centos.

Ranju Upadhyay.

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