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[EP-tech] Re: Include Publication List on Other Sites

Hi Sheraaz

At the Unversity of Zurich we use the XML-Export from a saved search, 
followed by a XSL transformation. The generated publication list in the 
corporate design of the University can then be embedded via iframe into 
the websites of the authors and institutes. At the moment there's a 
project (http://www.oai.uzh.ch/en/at-the-uzh/projects/unicms) to give 
authors more options to sort and structure the list, since the current 
mode is really not useful for long publication lists like 


Am 01.10.2012 01:15, schrieb Sheraaz Buksh:
> Hi there
> I am looking for a way to include the publication lists from authors 
> on other websites (like the authors personal pages etc.).
> Is there a way to do this? This is especially useful for authors who 
> have a long list of publications and typing them over and over on 
> webpages would be an unnecessary exercise.
> Regards
> Sheraaz
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