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[EP-tech] Re: Include Publication List on Other Sites

Hi All

I have come across an issue when trying to display publications from Eprints on other sites. I am using feed2js for this purpose. You just have to copy the RSS1.0 url and paste it on the feed2js build.php page which generates the necessary javascript to display the publications. Feed2js works wonderfully but there is a problem with the ordering of the publications.

Ideally I want the latest publications to appear first however this does not happen. After digging around I found out the RSS1.0 link calls the exportview file. I had a look at it and it calls the perform_search function. The search function takes in as the argument custom_order=>$view{order}. I checked the value for $view{order} and it was '-date/title' (I am assuming the -date here is the date deposited). I guess that is the correct order that I want the results in however the results returned to feed2js for some  reason are not ordered by '-date/title'.

Anyone has any ideas on this.



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Hi there

Thank you for your responses. It led me to a bit more research and apparently I found that feed2js (http://feed2js.org/) offers a wonderful way of achieving my objective.

Once again thank you all for your responses.



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Sheraaz Buksh wrote:
> I am looking for a way to include the publication lists from authors 
> on other websites (like the authors personal pages etc.).

in your cfg.d/views.pl you can add[1] a custom view for "creator", and then use the feed (atom,rss) that every view generate automatically.

there is also this js plugin for jquery http://microviews.eprints.org i never tried it, and i'm not sure if it is still working or developed


[1] http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Adding_new_views

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