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[EP-tech] Re: batch editing doesn't work (on 3.3.8 and 3.3.9) - FIXED

the problem was that i had a modified tempaltes/default.xml that i had to update (the <head> part got changed from 3.3.8/3.3.9)

see my post Re: [EP-tech] lots of JS warnings + 1 error (ePrints 3.3.9)


On 03/mag/2012, at 22:42, Stefano Cecere wrote:

> whenever i select a field to manage with a batch editing, the text input gets fileld with this html:
> </td><td valign="top" id="1_cell_2_0"><input type="image" alt="Remove" src="/style/images/action_remove.png" onclick="ep_batchedit_remove_action(1)"/><input type="hidden" name="action_1" value="keywords"/></td></tr></table></div>
> it is the code to remove that action
> so i guess there is some bad html somewhere!

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