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[EP-tech] Re: Eprints error Language code unknown


I don't have a 3.3.9 to test against right now, but this error seems to 
be thrown by Search::Xapian::Stem when using an unknown language 
(however EPrints should handle the error in a better way).

Unless you did anything funky with your configuration, the Stemmer 
should default to:

$c->{defaultlanguage} = 'en';

as set in cfg.d/languages.pl.

Did you change this to 'uk' by any chance ('uk' is not a valid language 


On 03/05/12 15:10, ???? ????????????? wrote:
> Hello. I had upgrade eprints to 3.3.9 from 3.3.8.
> After upgrade, fast search stop work. When I type something it shows 
> me:*Internal Server Error*
> In error logs i see: [error] Exception: Language code uk unknown How 
> can I fix it? Thanks.
> site: http://eprints.oa.edu.ua/
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> Ihor
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