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[EP-tech] Re: Configuration may be wrong

Hi Rob,

I think this means you've asked EPrints to generate a 'view' on 'subjects', however no EPrint objects / publications have got a subject set. In other words, your 'view' will be empty.

I can't comment much about the Oracle error except that when you imported your subjects file, EPrints must have requested to re-index the "subjects" dataset and this is probably what this error relates to (but I cannot tell you any implications this will have...). You may try to:

/opt/eprints3/bin/epadmin reindex <archive_id> subject

and see what happens.


On 27/07/12 16:57, Robert Berry wrote:

What does it mean when I run the bin/generate_views script, and it gives
an error like --

Wrote: /eprints/eprints3/archives/liverpool/html/en/view/year
Warning! No values were found for eprint.view.subjects [subjects] -
configuration may be wrong

What configuration? Where?

I've imported a new subjects file. It gave a bunch of Oracle errors-

ORA-01722: invalid number (DBD ERROR: error possibly near<*>  indicator
(:<*>p1)') at /eprints/eprints3/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints/DataObj.pm line

-so I guess it could be related to that. The subjects are in the
  database, table, however, and look correct.

Best wishes, Rob
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