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[EP-tech] Re: Searches - more information *PLEASE HELP*

Thanks Tim,  I hope this is what you need:

If the title is "little red riding hood: the wolf's side of the story" for example, an search in the title field for anything before the colon is not found.  Any search for words after the colon will return a result.  Therefore, title search for "riding hood" will give us nothing, search for the "wolf's side" and we get the correct result returned.  If you query the database directly then all the words on both sides of the colon are in the index under title.  If you look at the other email from Antje before this  you will see the SQL statement and results that I did today.

I can't get any more until Thursday as I am only a part time volunteer, so if you need more than this and the other email I will have to get it then.

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On Tue, 2012-05-01 at 07:22 +0000, A.Dun at acfonline.org.au wrote:
> With regards to previous email for searches not working
> If there is a colon ":"  in the title it is not finding words before the colon but finding them after, this is happening with multiple items.
> Any assistance would be very much appreciated.


Note: starting in 3.3 ':' is meaningful in simple searches and constrains the next term to the given field e.g.
Will search the title field only for "phenomenon".

I need an exact description of what you're doing - the raw "title", the indexed terms and the raw string(s) your searching with.

Otherwise, can you give me direct access to your server?

All the best,