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[EP-tech] Re: email configuration help on smtp with login using tls or ssl

Hi Fatih,

can we have more detail on your system installation?
if you are using a debian derived linux distribution then there is a
bug with ssmtp described here:
after you have added your web user to the mail group, you have then to
change one line in: ${EPRINTS_HOME}/lib/syscfg.d/invocations.pl and

'sendmail' => '$(sendmail) -oi -t -odb --', (around line 6)


'sendmail' => '$(sendmail) -oi -t -',

This worked for me on my ubuntu 11.10 server.

Hope it helps,


On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 4:40 PM, Fatih Ozturk <fozturk at ibu.edu.ba> wrote:
> Hi,
> We have successfully installed and populated our eprints repository. It is
> fully functional except for sending emails.
> I have tried to use nullmailer as described in the installation manual but
> failed. I was not able to forward emails to our smtp server using STARTTLS.
> Then I have tried to use ssmtp which supports TLS but couldn't manage to get
> it working. Everytime I tried to send an email it gives an error message as
> "unable to resolve mailhub"
> Now I am trying to install postfix as a satellite server to our email server
> to enable forwarding using starttls.
> I was wondering whehter there is a simple method or option for us to use
> smtp email authenticating with username and password over TLS or SSL
> connection.
> Regards,
> --
> Fatih ?zt?rk
> IT Center Manager
> Office Tel: +387-33-944442
> http://www.ibu.edu.ba
> ps. we had another issue on bulk import. We had to cancel this project due
> to lack of organized material from academic units. (no single list for
> abstract, title and author information) We have input data to the system
> using part time students. :)
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