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[EP-tech] Re: Abstract shows html tags

For (1), rendering a field that may contain HTML, you probably want to define a 'render_value' for the field in ~/archives/[ARCHIVEID]/cfg/cfg.d/eprint_fields.pl.
The 'suggestions' field has an example. It uses a function defined in ~/perl_lib/EPrints/Extras.pm.
You could try updating the 'abstract' definition to:
  'name' => 'abstract',
  'type' => 'longtext',
  'input_rows' => 10,
  'render_value' => 'EPrints::Extras::render_xhtml_field',

You can test the change by and regenerate an abstract by running ~/bin/generate_abstracts ARCHIVEID eprintid
 - and remember to restart Apache after making the edits to files in cfg/cfg.d.

For (2), look in ~/archives/[ARCHIVEID]/cfg/cfg.d/eprint_render.pl
You can comment out lines for the fields you don't need (you may also want to remove the references to the fields in the workflow - so people aren't entering data when it's not going to be shown).


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Deal All,

    Installation of eprints(3.1.3) in new server has some problems.

1. Abstract section is showing the html tags , which is not supposed to do

2. I need to avoid display  of 3 fields from the page.

A screenshot is attached herewith for clarity.

 Anyone please provide the necessary changes to be made to solve these.