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[EP-tech] import "feature"

Dear all,

as you know i'm testing 3.3.10.
Our repository is a "read-only" repository : all records are imported 
from another internal software used to collect publication records from 
authors. The importing method is via batch file XML.
When i implemented the past repository on 3.2.4 i noticed a strange 
behaviour with import program, it seemed not to update records : 
--update parameter didn't work when the record was already present. I 
resolved deleting and importing new records also per records already 
Now with 3.3.10 version the situation seems to be similar: having more 
experience with eprints source i debugged the import program again and i 
think i'm resolving the problem with this little patch.

--- /data/eprints-3.3.10/bin/import    2012-05-18 15:21:23.000000000 +0200
+++ import    2012-08-30 17:28:07.000000000 +0200
@@ -335,6 +335,7 @@
              $item->update( $epdata,
                      include_subdataobjs => 1,
+                        $item->commit();
              print "EPRINTS_IMPORT: ITEM_UPDATED ".$item->get_id."\n" 
if $scripted;
          elsif( defined($item = $opts{dataset}->create_dataobj( $epdata 
)) )

What do you think about ? Am i missed something ? Is it acceptable ?

The import program is called with this parameters :

~/bin/import "EPRINTS_REPOSITORY"  --force --verbose 
--enable-web-imports --enable-import-fields --update archive XML 

Best regards,
Paolo Tealdi

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