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[EP-tech] Re: File upload failed

On Fri, 2012-03-16 at 14:26 +0000, Fran Callaghan wrote:
> Thanks Casey,
> I think I got it, at least the httpd is now running as eprints
> according to the output from ‘ps’. There is still a problem with
> permissions though, as even the stop/start indexer button doesn’t
> work, saying “Error writing pid file /opt/eprints3/var/indexer.pid:
> Permission denied” which suggests that even though the httpd process
> is running under the eprints user it still doesn’t have permission on
> the eprints directories under /opt/eprints3/ Is this something to do
> with the sticky bit on group? I’ve noticed the permission are
> ‘drwxrwsr-x’ on the directories and wonder if there was a problem with
> the umask whilst installing?
> Also, the documents/disk0 directory is there but there is nothing
> under it, at what point does the 00 etc directories get created?

Are you running SELinux ?

If it works after setenforce 0 is run then you have an selinux
permission problem.


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