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[EP-tech] Re: File upload failed

Thanks Casey,


I think I got it, at least the httpd is now running as eprints according to the output from ‘ps’. There is still a problem with permissions though, as even the stop/start indexer button doesn’t work, saying “Error writing pid file /opt/eprints3/var/indexer.pid: Permission denied” which suggests that even though the httpd process is running under the eprints user it still doesn’t have permission on the eprints directories under /opt/eprints3/ Is this something to do with the sticky bit on group? I’ve noticed the permission are ‘drwxrwsr-x’ on the directories and wonder if there was a problem with the umask whilst installing?


Also, the documents/disk0 directory is there but there is nothing under it, at what point does the 00 etc directories get created?


Thanks all,



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Hi Fran,

   I think it will depend a bit on your particular apache setup, however, I was able to set the apache user on our system by specifying the values of for APACHE_RUN_USER and APACHE_RUN_GROUP in the Apache envvars (environment variables) file, (ours resides in /etc/apache2/envvars) as below:

export APACHE_RUN_USER=eprints
export APACHE_RUN_GROUP=eprints

Before making edits to the config, it's probably best to make a backup of the original; you will also likely need to be running as the root user to edit the config. Your config file likely has these variables exported already (most likely as apache/apache or www-data/www-data), so be sure to comment out or replace any existing definitions.

After making the changes, you will have to restart Apache before they take effect. It will also be necessary to revert ownership of the documents directory back to eprints/eprints. In configuring our repository, I found that running apache as eprints and setting blanket ownership within the eprints directories to the eprints user helped to solve essentially all permission issues.


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Subject: [EP-tech] File upload failed



I’ve just installed 3.2.9 via yum and created a test repository. Before I carry out any branding etc I tried to create a new eprint but when I try to upload a file I get the error “File upload failed”. No other details. Initially I thought this was due to file system permissions but I have added the user apache to the eprints group and eventually even changed the ownership of the documents directory to apache. The only comment I can see on this is on the wiki and suggests… “Perhaps you forgot to set Apache to run as eprints:eprints” Can anybody instruct me how to “set apache to run as eprints”? Or even tell me how I can get additional details on why “File upload failed”?


Thanks for any help!




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