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[EP-tech] table vs div

Dear all,

I would like to start a discussion about EPrints theming.
I am working on many different installation of EPrints (thanks EPrints 
team for all the support you give to me!) and for every installation the 
question from the final user is always the same: "it is nice, all those 
functionalities and so on, but can you now make it look better?".
Obviously yes, but customizing EPrints in the web2.0 world require lot 
of effort because of the hard coded elements: many of them are tables 
and many of the tables does not have ids nor classes to identify them.
I would propose for the futures version of EPrints to move to a more div 
oriented approach, identifying every item via a class and a unique id, 
in the way modern css works.

This will improve the way the final user create custom themes 
(http://test.michael-culture.org/ a installation I'm working on, with a 
look and feel heavily customized, in alpha test).

I know you guys are working hard in making more substantial changes and 
improvements, but I am ready to help for this kind of changes that does 
not requires advanced perl knowledge. I am also working in replacing all 
the prototype javascript with jquery.

Maybe we can have another branch in your svn to help you guys with those 
changes, adding divs, classes, ids and so on.

Just my two cents and thanks again for the great tool you are working on,