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[EP-tech] Re: eprints and vufind

On 11/apr/2012, at 11:30, Ranju Upadhyay wrote:

> Thanks Stefano.I also tried to do the same thing i.e. use the xslt of dsapce to transform eprints data.But I get an error of  "XSLT processor not found".And I have the same error when I click the "staff view" on vufind interface on the detail page of search result.
> I can get the data from eprints but can't get it imported because of this.
> Looks like there is no XSLT processor. I had installed php via xampp.I am wondering if it did not install the xsl extension ( no such line as extension = php_xsl.dll in my php.ini).How can I get it to do that now?

as far as i know, the php_xsl extesnion is required!

look into http://vufind.org/wiki/installation_ubuntu

sudo apt-get -y install php5 php5-dev php-pear php5-ldap php5-mysql php5-xsl php5-pspell php5-gd

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