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Re: [EP-tech] Changing path in IRStat2 for multiple repo in one vhost

Hi Izwan,

This is a bug in the IRStats2 code that means it has issues if you have set a path for a repository other than /.  You need to edit lib/static/_javascript_/auto/90_irstats2.js and change two lines:

$( this.container_id ).insert( new Element( 'img', { 'border': '0', 'class': 'irstats2_spin', 'src': '/style/images/loading.gif' } ) );


$( this.container_id ).insert( new Element( 'img', { 'border': '0', 'class': 'irstats2_spin', 'src': eprints_http_root+'/style/images/loading.gif' } ) );


$( container_id ).update( new Element( 'img', { 'border':'0', 'src': '/style/images/loading.gif' } ) );   


$( container_id ).update( new Element( 'img', { 'border':'0', 'src': eprints_http_root+'/style/images/loading.gif' } ) );   

These are around lines 133 and 511 but may vary depending on which version of IRStats2 you are using.


David Newman

On 07/06/2024 1:04 am, MOHD.IZWAN SALIM wrote:
CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
Dear all

I'm doing multiple repos in one host.

I replicate the flavours folder for each repo

Some files like icon images do not follow the correct path, and it goes to the base URL - http://repo.uitm.edu.my/style/images/loading.gif, suppose http://repo.uitm.edu.my/repo1/style/images/loading.gif

Now, I just installed IRStat2, and the graph is not working. It goes to the wrong URL (/cgi). I can see it from the console browser.

I see a comment in line 89 in z_irstats2.pl 

# The method below is called by the /cgi/stats/* scripts which handle the delivery of stats
$c->{irstats2}->{allow} = sub {
        my( $session, $priv ) = @_;

return 0 unless( defined $priv );

Can I change it to include the correct path - repo1/cgi/stats. How do I write it? Or is the any other good solution to this?


UiTM Digital Library

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