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[EP-tech] User Roles for Admin Screen Tab

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
Hi All,

I've been removed from my ongoing work to do the repository/server upgrade.

On the old repo I made a custom plugin for myself (admin) and team (editors) to run an AAM updates script by pushing a button.

At the time I couldn't work out how to add this to user_roles.pl so I was improper and edited:


under the admin and editor sections with:


Can anyone advise on the syntax to use to add this to user_reoles.pl? I would like this fresh start to have everything done properly, but this is starting to hold up my upgrade and I'm edging towards editing User.pm again.

For more info, the new tab is on the screen where you go to the Admin section repo_urlcgi/users/home?screen=Admin where we have "Editorial Tools, System Tools and Config Tools". The button exists under a tab named "Misc. Tools".