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Re: [EP-tech] Eprints : Advice on how to hide some of multiple option based on type

Hi Nurul,

What you need to do is set the options in the workflow.  (I have marked in bold the modification to your original XML in bold and then the change that allows you to limit options in red as well).

<epc:if test="type.one_of('article','book','book_chapter','conference_item')">
  <component type="Field::Multi">
    <epc:if test="type.one_of('book','book_chapter')">
      <field ref="citation_index" options="scopus,isi"/>

    <epc:if test="type.one_of('article','conference_item')">
      <field ref="citation_index"/>
    <field ref="scopus_eq_name"/>

This should ensure that all for types see the citation_index and scopus_eq_name fields but when the type is book or book_chapter only two options are provided for citation_index. 

I have not tested this so there may be a typo or a syntax issue you may need fix but functionally I believe it is correct.


David Newman

On 23/04/2024 04:20, NURUL NADIAH BINTI ROSLAN . wrote:

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
Hi David,

Please advise on the below enhancement.

We want to make the type of book and type of book_chapter to have a citation_index field but we only want to allow two(2) options with scopus and isi only.
The image below for the current citation_index field has more than two options.


We are thinking of adding one more column to cater the enhancement.
Please advise if there is any possible solution other than adding one more column.

Thank you.
Have a nice day.

Nurul Nadiah Binti Roslan 
Library Technology Section,

IIUM Dar al-Hikmah Library,