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Re: [EP-tech] Subject trees in 3.4.5

Hi Alan,

I would take a look at:


I have checked over these and I think the one that most closely relates to what you describe is:


There is the render_path attribute you can set for the field that uses a subject tree.  However, reading this suggests you can either have the full path with multiple links or just the individual subject as a link rather than the full path as a single link like you describe you 3.3.15 behaviour.  At the time and as I describe in the issue above, adding the render_path attribute was intended so you can retain 3.3 behaviour.  I would give adding the attribute:

render_path => 0,

a go and see whether this does what you want.  Otherwise, I did note that the following issue implements a user-defined render function. If you cannot quite get back to what you had before:


However, it does not sound like you have a specific objection about the change, rather this changes how you might use this field.  I should note that these changes only relate to rendering.  I am not aware of any conceptual change.  So items under a child subject also count under the parent subject but are not explicitly capture in the database as being under the parent subject.  There is currently an outstanding issue with how the counts for some subjects in browse views, depending on the current subject/division being viewed:



David Newman

On 22/02/2024 5:31 pm, Alan.Stiles [He/Him/They] wrote:
CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.

Am I right in thinking that the rendering of subject tree fields changed at some point between 3.3.15 and 3.4.5 to show hierarchical detail?


We have a faculty structure in the subjects (outside of department field) which used to render links to the related view as


“A > B > C” as one link,


but the 3.4.5 rendering is showing

“A” > “B” > “C” as 3 separate links


Just want to check this is expected, and I can try and fix the underlying data field, which currently holds multiple values for “A”, “B” and “C” in order that the item renders as part of the item list for all three levels.




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