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[EP-tech] Redirect loop after shibboleth authentication

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.



I’m currently migrating our eprints (version 3.4.5) repository from CentOS 7 to RHEL 8, everything has gone smoothly  apart from the repository going into a redirect loop after the session has authenticated and you’re redirected back to a logged in session on the repo with:




If you then hit return on the browsers address the users home page is displayed successfully


Looking at the http headers it appears that the secure_eprints_session value isn’t being set in a cookie (I’ve compared headers to the working CentOS 7 dev system) on that first redirect after shibboleth authentication has completed


The config is identical to the one that is currently running on our CentOS 7 environment, and the versions of Apache are also the same, there is a small difference in perl versions (5.16 and 5.26). The main difference is that I’m using our test idp to authenticate against using a hosts file change on my macbook instead of using out production idp.  Would this make a difference?


Any pointers or suggestions would be much appreciated – I’ve hit a brick wall with this