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[EP-tech] Sort view with creators_name and corp_creators

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.

Hello all,

Happy new year,

What is the easiest way to sort a view by date showing a sorted creators_name and corp_creators.

We have a lot of corp_creators and the only I guess thing to order is order => creators_name/corp_creators

But the result is not what I expected, it gives 2 lists . I want in the same list the creators and corp_creator sorted together.


If this needs a lot of code. How can I just add title list like “creator” (list of creators)   “corp_creator” (list of corp_creators)

Maybe I can make a new field creators_type  with 2 options creators or corp_creator and create a variations => creators_type



                               id => "year",

                               menus => [


                                                               fields => [ "date;res=year" ],

                                                               reverse_order => 1,

                                                               allow_null => 1,

                                                               new_column_at => [10,10],



                               order => "/creators_name/corp_creators/title",

variations => [

                                               "DEFAULT" ,





Thank you,


Mario Beaudoin| Chargé de projet informatique et technologique

Service de la bibliothèque |Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

819 376-5011, poste 2258 | www.uqtr.ca

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