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Re: [EP-tech] Want to know total id item on document folder

Hi Agung,

The maximum number of EPrints records in 100 million minus 1 (99,999,999).  At the time this was decided it was deemed to be well in excess of the number of research publications that would ever need to be stored.  There can be considerably more documents added, as a each research publication (eprint) can have a near unrestricted number of documents associated with it.

The reason that there is a directory called disk0 is that this will be created on the same disk partition as the EPrints installation and this may run out of space.  Being able to create disk1 as a symlink to a different disk partition means you can deal with running out of disk space.  Nowadays, it is normally much easier to increase a disk partition, as typically people run VMs and you just edit the VM's configuration to increase the disk space.  If you were to manually create disk1 under the documents directory of your archive, newly created eprint records would start using this rather than disk0. However, the eprint IDs would still continue to increase from whatever was the ID of the last eprint created.


David Newman

On 01/12/2023 2:47 am, Agung Prasetyo W. wrote:
CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
See the document storage structure in eprints like this
   |-- 00
         |-- 00
               |-- 00
                     |-- 01
                     |-- ...
                     |-- 99
Can I know the maximum number of item IDs until disk0 changes to disk1?

Thank You

Agung PW

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