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[EP-tech] orcid support advance

Hi Tomasz,

I believe that the ORCID Support Advance plugin makes the ORCID column 
for creators/editors read-only, as this is required by ORCID, so you 
don't get inconsistent data with the same creator/editor with different 
ORCIDs.? Beyond making the ORCID field read-only the creators/editors 
field will behave the same as with just ORCID Support.? This provides 
the /cgi/users/lookup/name script [1], which incorporates the ORCID in 
the autocomplete with the name and ID (typically email) fields.? This 
works by looking up previous entries for creators/editors.? I assume 
this is the point you are trying to make, which is that before your 
installed ORCID Support no creators/editors would have ORCIDs so it is 
likely this lookup script will find the name, maybe ID (email) but 
probably not an ORCID, so this is pretty useless, unless you can 
backfill the existing creators/editors.

An alternative solution to the /cgi/users/lookup/name script would be to 
have a lookup script that gets the name, ID (email) and ORCID from the 
EPrints user table.? This will get populated with the ORCID when the 
user connects their EPrints account with ORCID, although their name 
maybe be formatted differently to how it appears in the creators/editors 
field, (typically user field has full given name whereas 
creators/editors may use initials). It may be worth submitting a GitHub 
issue requesting such a script is written.? The disadvantage of such a 
script is that you would need to have a decent of number of users in 
your repository to make this useful.? Even if you have all institutional 
users added to your repository, you will have to manually add external 
creators/editors names in full.? This could lead to inconsistency and 
would be annoying for someone having to manually add a regular 
collaborator, when before they could make use of auto-complete.

One thing I have written to improve ORCID Support is a cron job that can 
run periodically (I run overnight) that looks up any EPrints user that 
has a valid ORCID set.? It then looks up all eprint records that have a 
creator/editor where the email address (or whatever field) of the user 
matches the creators/editors ID.? It will then set the ORCID sub-field 
for that creator/editor to that or the user record, if it does not yet 
have a value set.? This script is quite useful when you have ORCID 
Support Advance, as it will makes sure a user who has connected their 
EPrints user account to ORCID that day will get all their eprints 
updated with ORCIDs that night.? This is something you would want to do 
asynchronously, as you could have hundreds of eprints that need 
updating.? I have not yet provided this script, (probably best added to 
ORCID Support), as if it does not work properly it could do quite a bit 
of damage. However, I have been running it on several repositories for a 
while now, so I am fairly confident it is sound.? When I have a chance I 
will try submitting this as a pull request to the 
eprintsug/orcid_support GitHub repository.


David Newman


On 30/08/2022 8:09 pm, Tomasz Neugebauer via Eprints-tech wrote:.
> *CAUTION:* This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
> Hi everyone,
> I recently upgraded our ORCID integration to the Orcid Support Advance 
> plugin.
> It?s working, but I have a question about how the ORCID actually makes 
> its way to the Creator field?
> Let?s say someone gives our repository permissions, will their ORCID 
> ?automatically? appear in the Creator field when they add their name 
> as an author?? How does the plugin know to do that, a matching email 
> address in the ?User? fields?
> Tomasz
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