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[EP-tech] Ask about upload progress

Hi Agung,

This issue sounds like it could be a problem dealing with files being 
sent in chunks rather than all in one go.? This is why a 200KB file 
works fine but slightly larger files do not.? 200KB can be sent in a 
single chunk but that is about the limit for a file that can be sent in 
a single chunk.

If a file can be uploaded in a single chunk this may mean it does not 
need to use the /tmp/ directory on the server's file system. This would 
suggest that there is a permissions or similar issue with this 
directory.? It has been found that EPrints cannot use the /tmp/ 
directory on modern Red Hat based Linux systems.? It may be the case 
that this is true with other Linux operating systems. It may even be 
that new versions of some operating systems now prevent EPrints writing 
to /tmp/ when old versions did not, (e.g. this may be allowed in Debian 
9 but not Debian 10).

The way this has been resolved for Red Hat based Linux operating systems 
is to edit the archive's cfg/cfg.d/session.pl and add the following 
block of code to the $c->{session_init} configuration function (sub):

 ??? ??? if ( -d "/opt/eprints3/tmp/" )
 ??????? {
 ??????????????? $ENV{'TMPDIR'} = '/opt/eprints3/tmp/';
 ??????? }

In addition to this you will need to create the /opt/eprints3/tmp/ 
directory (adjust as appropriate if your EPrints root directory is not 
/opt/eprints3/) and get its permissions set correctly so it can be 
written to by the user running the Apache webserver underneath EPrints.? 
Once you? have done this you can reload the webserver and you should be 
able to successfully upload larger files.

That all said, you have not really provided enough detail to accurately 
diagnose the problem.? So I am rather speculating with the above 
solution, as it is has been the resolution for similar problems in the 
past.? If this solution does not work it would be useful if you could 
provide the following information:

1. What operating system and version are you running EPrints on?

2. What version of EPrints are you running?

3. Is this a newly installed EPrints repository or is this an existing 
EPrints repository that has just suddenly developed this problem?

4. Have you recently upgraded your operating system on which EPrints is 
running?? Also, check the log files for your package manager (e.g. APT 
or YUM) to see what packages have been upgraded recently.? As some 
change here may have led to this problem.

5.? It is worth checking the webserver's error log files to see if there 
is any more detail about why the files are failing to upload.? If you 
could share any error messages that seem relevant to this problem, then 
I may be able to give more specific advice.


David Newman

On 02/05/2021 16:17, Ajunk Pracetio via Eprints-tech wrote:
> *CAUTION:* This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
> Hi,
> I'd like to ask about upload process on my eprints. Why the process 
> take so long.?This is my error message : *Error in file retrieval: 
> failed to get file contents*
> This is my screenshot
> image.png
> All process running well, except upload file. If I upload below 200kb, 
> it is running well, but if I upload larger that 600kb, it takes very 
> long and then the upload not succesfull.
> Please, need help about this problem
> Thank you,
> Regards,
> Agung PW
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