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[EP-tech] EPrints Search - Latest Items

Hello All,

I hope everyone is well in body and mind.

I need some help with the EPrints search function. I have been asked to add
a box to the repository homepage that lists the latest coronavirus-related

I'm hoping to search via keywords for "coronavirus" and "covid-19". I also
want to search for either of these terms in titles. To do this I'm
currently butchering a copy of cgi/latest_tool.

I can get the keywords part to work using:

$c->{latest_rona_modes} = {

default => { citation => "noauth" },

fplatest => {

citation => "popular", max => 5,

#citation => "result", max => 3,

filters => [

#{ meta_fields => [ "full_text_status","full_text_status" ], value =>
("none"||"public") }

{ meta_fields => [ "keywords" ], value => "covid-19"}

This also works with "title" as you would expect.

What I really want is to do a search where the keywords can be "covid-19"
OR "coronavirus" as well as including some allowance for adding an:

 "OR title LIKE '%covid-19%' OR title LIKE 'coronavirus' in MYSQL-speak.

Am I able to do this using the EPrints::Search plugin? I've tried reading
the codumentation and experimenting with it, but I'm not getting very far.

If it's not possible I can think of a number of bodges for it, but decided
it was best to attempt the proper way first.

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