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[EP-tech] Adding Buttons to Admin Screen

Hi All,

I have a script that I run every two weeks for AAM updates. I'm away when
the next update is due so I've decided to create a new button on the Admin
screen that runs the script (inspired by the MintDOI button in the DataCite

[image: image.png]
(I know it should say "an AAM").

I'm using RegenAbstracts.pm
(EPrints::Plugin::Screen::Admin::RegenAbstracts;) as a rough guide.

I had assumed that this would call "generate_abstracts" but it appears to
look at "config/regen_abstracts":

sub allow_regen_abstracts


my( $self ) = @_;

return $self->allow( "config/regen_abstracts" );


Does anybody know how I can get it to point at my script? I must admit that
I'm not sure where "config/regen_abstracts" is pointing and I've done so
many greps to find it. If I could find how looking to that causes the
abstracts to be generated I could copy that approach.

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