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[EP-tech] Unknown entries in creator browse

Hello all!


So, I’ve implemented an “Internal ID” for the creator browse on our new repository as per David Newman’s guide here: http://wiki.eprints.org/w/Using_Internal_IDs_for_Staff_Browse_Views


This works fantastically and both clears up and exposes some issues with our data which is perfect – a large part of this was to ensure we can clean our data up appropriately. One thing it has done, however, is added a ? entry to the creator browse – I’m assuming that this is picking up external authors on records who do not have internal ID’s set against them and do not have a user record. There are around 9001 of these although I cannot see them as the browse is not creating a page to show them, merely showing the number in the listing. Is there an easy way to suppress this as it’s more of a visual issue?


Many thanks!


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