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[EP-tech] search result ordering does not work for lang<>en

Hi John,

> There is a ticket that possibly relates to your problem here:
> https://github.com/eprints/eprints/issues/172
thank you for reminding me of an issue i noticed when we did not have a multi-language repository ...

> Does that help at all?
currently i think not (after a first glance) because our test instance (in general synchronized with the productive installation, i.e. concerning version(s), relevant modifications ...) behaves different, i.e. correctly!
I migrated some representative items and compared the content of eprint__ordervalues_de as well as eprint__ordervalues_en on both sites: they are identical in general.

Which columns (of eprint__ordervalues*) are important for ordering the results (by year|author's name|title)?
Where should I start the next debugging session?

Many thanks for any comment

P.S.: Hi Martin, 
> not sure what you mean: GUI language, ...
...cgi/search/archive/simple?order=creators_name... and ...cgi/search/archive/simple?order=title... are the same, although they shouldn't (for GUI-lang=de) and differs (for GUI-lang set to 'en') respectively, although they shouldn't :(

> Quick search (Xapian) or advanced search?
the results are okay, but the ordering is strange :|

> I can't reproduce that on our repo. Please provide more details.
your a lucky man; hth