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[EP-tech] Apache log getting a lot of errors and Mysql Going away

>From memory, these errors occur when the client that has made a request stops listening for the response (normally because it's taking too long).

The real question is what are they requesting that is taking a long time to generate? Some analysis of the access logs (maybe grep for ' 500 ' (with the spaces) might be useful.
If you have 'large'records (e.g. many authors), an export that generates XML can take a while to be processed.

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Subject: [EP-tech] Apache log getting a lot of errors and Mysql Going away


We are using ePrints v3.3.13 and lately we have been experiencing some crashes due to MySQL going away.  I looked in the Apache log and I see a lot of the following errors:

?[error] Software caused connection abort at /eprints3/cgi/exportview line 108.\n?

I looked at the cgi script and searched in the files and this script has something to do with the Views.pm module.  I can?t seem to make the error happen on demand and I?m wondering if anyone could help me with this.  I don?t know if the MySQL server going away is related to these errors or not.

Thank you for your time!

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