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[EP-tech] Question about REST API, review items under EPrint 3.3

Hi Robert,
I don?t believe the standard export functions have access to the review queue items by default.  It should be possible to amend them to allow this but that seems against the basic security model of the software.


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Subject: [EP-tech] Question about REST API, review items under EPrint 3.3

I have a repository running under EPrints 3.3 where I have configured access to the REST API.  I am interested in using this API to access a list of EPrint records that are in the review queue so I can integrate some of that content with an external system.  My hunch is I have a configuration issue (I can read processed/public EPrint records fine but not those with a review status). Has anyone used the REST API to harvest the records that are under review?  Does the REST API support this?

All the best,

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