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Re: [EP-tech] Issue when saving records

Hi Andrew,

The Subject screen usually has some form of 'Search for subject' input, as well as the accordion-style subject browser.

I suspect this is somehow broken.

There may be more information in the Apache error logs (assuming the error message below was being presented in the web interface).


Take a look at the workflow stage for Subjects. The default is:

<stage name="subjects">

    <component type="Field::Subject"><field ref="subjects" required="yes" /></component>



The Field::Subject component is located in:

 [eprints root]/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component/Field/Subject.pm

It may be that you are using a different component (the 'type' would be different - alternatives could be in e.g. [eprints_root]/lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component/Field/SomeOtherSubjectModule.pm), or that there is some config wrong.

It could also be down to permissions to search the subject dataset (or even subjects being missing!).


I hope that gets you started - you know where we are if you need more input! :o)





PS This is the kind of process I normally go through to debug this kind of thing:

1.       The error message must be defined somewhere. Try and work out what parts of the message are generic (e.g. 'does not know how to process' from message below), and which parts are specific to the issue ('EPrint::Edit' from below).

2.       Try to find the non-specific text in the code/phrase files (grep is your friend!). Try (from eprints root directory):
> grep -r 'does not know how to process' perl_lib lib

3.       In this case, a phrase is found in system.xml: lib/lang/en/phrases/system.xml:
 <epp:phrase id="Plugin/Screen:unknown_action">This screen (<epc:pin name="screen"/>) does not know how to process this action: <epc:pin name="action"/>.</epp:phrase>

4.       Take the last part of the phrase id ('unknown_action' in this case), and grep perl modules for it:
> grep -r 'unknown_action' perl_lib lib

5.       This will show you which perl modules/methods may be creating this error message. In this case, it's EPrints::Plugin::Screen::from

6.       This should get you to a point where you have much less EPrints code to consider. The specific details in the error message allow you to then refine this further - alongside the module that actually generates the message. Again, using this problem as an example, EPrint::Edit is a screen, and the 'from' method calls the method above
… does some stuff - and returns
…or does some other stuff - and returns
…or calls $self->EPrints::Plugin::Screen::from (which generates the error message you're seeing).

7.       This gets you to a point where you might be able to see what's going on (or more importantly what's not going on). There's always a bit more thinking to do - specific to your configuration, but this should get you closer to where you need to be!





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Subject: [EP-tech] Issue when saving records


Hello all!


I’m implementing a few changes to our reborn repository but as I’m doing so I’m finding a few things are coming undone. The current issue I’m having is on moving from the Details to Subjects screen on creating a new record; I’m getting an error:


This screen (EPrint::Edit) does not know how to process this action: search.


Any idea where to look to start debugging this?



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