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[EP-tech] Plural words in search results

Hi Matt,
I've looked into a similar issue in the past - and I think it was discussed on the tech list a few years ago.
I had added a fix (we're 3.3.10 too) - which recently was discovered to break things in a more subtle way.

If I remember the full story, it goes something like this:
The 'simple' search field is broken in vanilla EPrints 3.3.10 - as it doesn't strip out short-words.
This fix for this initially was to run the search terms via the $c->{extract_words} function (in cfg.d/indexer.pl).
This seemed to resolve the issue (we'd been running it like this for a few years), but we discovered that for a search field looking at multiple metafield types (e.g. a text field and a name field), if the search term ended in -ss it wouldn't find anything.

My current fix is: https://gist.github.com/jesusbagpuss/e096430c825d34a2ef1de671e8a7dfda
Both are 'patch' files (overwrite methods in the core EPrints modules - we try to keep these things separated - but you could just take the methods and edit the files they're patching directly).

There are two files - one resolves an issue with apostrophes in names (which may or may not affect you).

The issue you report is slightly different to the one we found - but I think the cause might be very similar - the stripping of a trailling 's' is applied during indexing, but the same is not applied when searching.

Hope that gets you somewhere - some of this stuff is fairly recent in my mind (fixing the fix took a bit of tracing through the modules) - there may be more useful stuff I have in my head!


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Hi All,

One of our users came across a problem, when performing some keyword searches...  and assumed it was a case problem, since the all uppercase words in their testing weren't returning in the result set.

After testing, I have a preliminary diagnosis, (we are running 3.3.10 if it makes a difference).

It appears the index process is removing the 's' off the end of the word (unless the word is all caps).
When performing a search, the system removes the 's' from the search term, and performs the search... in our case this returns 2 of 3 test records.

When I took the last two letters off each eprint's keywords, and then performed a search, it returned all three records in the results..

|<-   details from eprint__rindex   ->|<- eprint.keywords field->|
| eprintid | field    | word          |     keywords             |
|    29533 | keywords | ornithorhynch |     ornithorhynch        |
|    29534 | keywords | ornithorhynch |     Ornithorhynch        |
|    29535 | keywords | ornithorhynch |     ORNITHORHYNCH        |

The plural determination holds true for the humble Platypus as well :(

| eprintid | field    | word            | keywords                  |
|    29533 | keywords | ornithorhynchu  | ornithorhynchus, platypus |
|    29533 | keywords | platypu         | ornithorhynchus, platypus |
|    29534 | keywords | ornithorhynchu  | Ornithorhynchus, Platypus |
|    29534 | keywords | platypu         | Ornithorhynchus, Platypus |
|    29535 | keywords | ornithorhynchus | ORNITHORHYNCHUS, PLATYPUS |
|    29535 | keywords | platypus        | ORNITHORHYNCHUS, PLATYPUS |




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