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[EP-tech] Antwort: UX/UI Refresh - good practice advice sought


Jens Vieler and to some part I had transformed ZORA,
http://www.zora.uzh.ch/ to a responsive design about a year ago.

A Prezi presentation (in German) gives some insights about the thoughts and
the process:


There are two routes: The user and the technical route. The technical route
has been discussed in other answers before (e.g. using the Bootstrap plugin
from UEL).
The user route is at least as important. It is mainly about getting all
stakeholders onto the boat, i.e. social engineering.

Important slides:

"Problem analysis" - Analysis of the present content

"Why should we go to a responsive design"?

"Dann ein Schlachtplan"
- which page types?
- which functions?
- which content for which end device?
   Be aware that this may be a difficult question and it is an important
part of the process. There were many discussions with the OA team of the
  library until we came to a consensus  what can be left out and what must
be taken over.
  Also, don't forget printing. And as others did, we decided that
submission, review and administrative tasks are for desktop only.
- new features?

"Mockups" - is a very important step in the decision process; no discussion
about color scheme, layout details etc.!

"BadHTML2GoodHTML" - current Bootstrap plugin only acts on core components
of EPrints - a lot of work has to be done too for plugins (e.g. IRStats2).
Also, in many cases we had to
modify the HTML output in the core directly.

One good thing is, that not everything must be solved initially before
going live, but can be adapted gradually.
Before going live, we had about 75 requirements, most of those were solved.
As I see from our JIRA log, that phase lasted from 09/2015 till 07/2016 and
took 16 scrum meetings.
I guess that two thirds of this phase was about social engineering, on
third implementation. Both Jens and I work part time and have other
projects too, so don't take the duration literally.
After that, another 25 requirements were solved. That phase took another
four months.

Being now on a responsive design enables us to go the next step, improving
accessibility, in collaboration with the disability office of the
university and an external audit.

Best regards,

Jens and Martin

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Hey all!

As a summer project we?re updating the CSS/HTML front end on our eprints
front end (I know, I love pain).

Last time round (2+ years ago) I just hacked the relevant CSS into
template/default.xml and static/index.html ? but now we have 2 repositories
(both 3.3.15) on different servers and I?d really like to:

Update to at least bootstrap ? so that it looks OK on mobile devoices / not
horrible at different resolutions etc &c
Make everything a little more clean and modular
Not have to do it lots of times (preferably!)

I do have some corporate CSS to include so can?t completely
freeform . . . .

All advice appreciated*** Options:
*** Archive: http://www.eprints.org/tech.php/
*** EPrints community wiki: http://wiki.eprints.org/
*** EPrints developers Forum: http://forum.eprints.org/

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